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Jarvis Greer

A.I. Considering Memphis?

As if the news of Zach Randolph's waiting to be approved Trade to Memphis didn't cause Grizzlies fans to Twitter...

Now there's world Allen Iverson may be interested in playing for Memphis.

That's right..

Allen Iverson!

As a matter of fact, Iverson, on his own Twitter page, wrote, -quote- "I'm a Free Agent, healthy again, and capable of signing with any team."

He added his only preference is to play for a coach that knows what he brings to the table, and that he'd bring it every night.

The Commercial Appeal reports Iversons' representatives have let the Grizzlies know Iverson would like to play in Memphis.

He's always been a Crowd Booster in the Bluff City..

But, paying him the $21 Million he made last season is out of the question.

Plus, the multi-time All-Star is now 34 years old.

Injuries severely limited his play las season..

He also balked at coming off the Bench for the Pistons..who sent him home April 3rd.

Iverson, along with Zach Randolph, would violate the 2-Knucklehead rule in the NBA..

You can't have more than one...and Randolph could be enough of a headache..

The Grizzlies are reported to be considering if Iverson is Indeed, the Answer.

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