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Jarvis Greer

Bulls Could Be in Lead for Iverson

If you're a Grizzlies fan banking on a ticket to the The Allen Iverson Sweepstakes...the line is much longer than A.I. Fans in Memphis may realize.

Iverson's flirtation with the Grizzlies aside, other teams are taking a look, but, "The Answer" may wind up in Chicago.

[TAKE VO]CBS Sports.com reports Iverson could be included in the deal that's bringing the Bulls Ben Gordon to Detroit.

The Pistons agreement with Gordon, who's an unrestricted Free Agent, may now include a sign and trade deal that sends Iverson to the Windy City.

Gordon would get an extra year, and more cash, by signing with the Bulls and getting traded.

Chicago, which currently is getting nothing for losing Gordon, would get Iverson -- a future Hall of Famer who's past his prime a bit, but would get to finish his career in a major market as long as he's willing to accept a secondary role.

The Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post report the Heat are also interested in Iverson..but salaray cap constraints could only give Miami about $2-Million bucks to play with, which is the veterans minimum.

Career Numbers for the 34-year old Iverson are 27 points and 5 assists a game.

He averaged just over 17-points and about 4-assists for the Pistons last year.

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