Council argues over Herenton's resignation

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - While Mayor Herenton claims he's not leaving until the end of the month, Memphis City Council members argued Tuesday over whether or not Herenton could delay his resignation.

During a City Council Executive Session, Councilman Jim Strickland asked if the mayor's resignation proceedings were in too deep for him to delay or rescind.

Human Resources Director Lorene Essex told him the mayor could delay his retirement, because the Pension Board was not set to approve Herenton's pension until the last Thursday of the month.

"The first thing is, you don't have a body yet, so you can't have a funeral," Councilman Joe Brown said. "There's no dead body."

Brown then accused Strickland of using his council power to make his own run for mayor.

"You're not in the majority," Brown said. "You don't rule this council."

Tensions ran high.

Brown: "The mayor has not resigned at this time."
Myron Lowery: "Thank you sir."
Brown: "Thank you sir, but don't cut me off.  This is not the day."

After Brown's comments, it was Councilman Bill Boyd's turn to speak.  He defended Strickland.

"I think we've received four resignations and it's getting to be quite a circus," Boyd said.

The council then decided to pull the item from the committee meeting until they could hear from the mayor himself about the issue.

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