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Lawler believes he could win in mayoral run

Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - They call him the 'King,' but if pro wrestler and local businessman Jerry Lawler has his way, he'll be trading his crown for the key to Memphis City Hall.

"I'm definitely leaning toward running," Lawler said Tuesday night.

Lawler came off the ropes Saturday night at Minglewood Hall and threw out the smack down after his monthly match at the midtown venue.

"Did somebody say run for mayor?" Lawler asked the crowd.

Lawler says people are asking him to run for mayor. He says he hears people talking about Memphis when he travels around the country for his wrestling show.

"Memphis is looked on as a joke because of its city government," he said. "It's embarrassing and you get tired of it."

Lawler says he thinks he can change that if he is mayor, and believes his name recognition will be his ticket to success.

"I've been on TV every week in this city for the past 37 years," he said.

Lawler ran for mayor in 1999. In a field of 15 candidates, he received only 12 percent of the vote.  This campaign will for mayor will not be a traditional one for the King.

"I'm not going to put signs up," he said.

He's not going to raise money either.

"One of the things I had trouble with is asking people for money," he said. "I'm not cut out to do that. I don't want donations."

Lawler says he's not a politician, and that might prove it.  But, he thinks he can make a difference.

"I really do think I could win," he said. "I really do think I could win."

For the moment, Lawler says he's not too worried about a run for mayor, because he's not convinced current Mayor Willie Herenton will resign. Until then, he said, he will continue with his wrestling shows.

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