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Nuisance action filed against Whitehaven hotel

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A dilapidated Memphis motel may soon be history for creating a huge nuisance to its neighborhood.

The motel, most recently known as The Shelby Inn, has been out of business for awhile, but has continued to create crime and health concerns.

District Attorney Bill Gibbons' office filed a nuisance action against the owners Tuesday, and a judge ordered the property secured.  But officials won't be happy until the entire complex is demolished.  Police say drug activity, vandalism, vagrancy, and theft have been observed there, not to mention all of the code violations.

Police Director Larry Godwin compared it to something you might find in bomb-riddled Baghdad.

"We continue to get complaints on this particular area from residents, business owners," Godwin said. "Same thing, different location, but to think this is in Memphis, Tennessee is a sad day."

The owners of the property are set to appear in environmental court later this month.  They will either have to make improvements or the property will face demolition.

This swimming pool is just one of the many health issues.  Wednesday, officials called it a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Rats and other rodents are a huge problem as well.

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