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Special Report: The Tornado-Proof Car

When an F-3 tornado struck Mulvane, Kansas five years ago, Steve Green saw it from a vantage point most people don't get to talk about.

Green is the creator of the Tornado Attack Vehicle, a hybrid between a truck and a race car, that can withstand being in the vortex of a tornado.

It has military-grade windows, along with more than 90 dashboard gadgets and weather reading equipment.

"The TA1's designed to park in front of the path of the tornado and suck to the ground and stay there and allow the tornado to pass," said Green. "Air can't get under me. If the air can't get under me it can't lift me, therefore it gives me a security."

In the vehicle design you can see traces of his previous profession as a NASCAR driver.

"Mother Nature's the most powerful force on earth and kills more people than racing ever will," he says.

That realization set him on the ride of his life seven years ago when he created this machine, now worth a half-million dollars.

The car was put to the test during a twister five years ago in Mulvane, Kansas and it succeeded.

"I'll never forget what I thought was a giant piece of broccoli coming at me and when it got close, I realized it was a tree and I thought if that hits me it's gonna leave a mark," Green recalled.

While he's had some close calls, Green is still trying to place his crew in another tornado.

He says his goal is to collect lifesaving data and help scientists and forecasters.

The former racer and professional golfer has been largely self-funded until recently.

Sponsorships from Flowmaster, WileyX, Traxxas and Ground Control have helped him continue his mission.

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