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Extra Credit: Future's Fashion Entrepreneurial Woman

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - This summer, several middle school girls are learning not only how to make fashion, but also fashion's back story.

The Future's Fashion Entrepreneurial Women or F.F.E.W. is a summer program put on by artist, designer and educator Marva Ballard.

According to Ballard, the program, "uses a young girl's natural interest in the glitz and glamour of fashion (to) introduce them to all the different facets of the industry."

The program also strengthens the academic skills of students, and gives them a creative outlet.

"It's creative, and it's not hard," participant Jazmine King said. "Ms. Marva make it fun for us when we learn it."

In addition to their in-house activities, the F.F.E.W. participants also take weekly field trips. The seven girls have already gone to see dance performances to check out the costuming. The group also plans to tour the Atlanta Apparel Mart.

By the time the program is complete, Ballard hopes her young charges, ages 10-13, will not only be able to use computers and sewing machines to design and create their own fashions, they'll also have a working knowledge of what fashion is really all about.

This the first summer for the F.F.E.W., but Ballard hopes to continue the program in an after-school format, if she can find the right location.

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