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Special Report: Farm Feud

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ANCHOR, MS (WMC-TV) - Neighbors seeking peace and quiet in one Mid-South community are feuding with a local farmer.

Residents living close to Freddy Bost's farm in the rural community of Anchor, near Oxford, Mississippi, say it all started about three months ago.

"We're not talking little guns," neighbor Jim Lyons said. "We're talking a 50 caliber gun."

At least, that's what Lyons says it sounds like.  The noise he and other neighbors are complaining about is coming from several cannons Bost is using to scare off deer and other animals that eat his tomato plants and other crops on his 100 acre farm.

The cannons go off every 20 minutes or so.  Lyons said he went to Bost's house recently to see if he could get the noise stopped - especially at night.

"He basically said he was within his rights and walked away," Lyons said.

Neighbors said a game warden even offered to help Bost kill the deer, but Bost allegedly said he couldn't stay up all night killing deer.  Finally, neighbors started a petition against the noise, and 200 people signed it.  Neighbors called the Lafayette County Sheriff, and things got better for a while, but the blasts eventually came back.

When Action News 5 visited Freddy Bost's home to ask about the cannon, he wasn't there, but his wife, Rachel, did speak with us. 

"I'm sorry about that," she said of the noise created by the cannons. "They don't keep me awake."

Rachel Bost says in the past they have used electric fences, flood lights, and even loud music to keep animals out.  This year, she said, the deer were unstoppable until they put out the cannons.
"They're closest to my house and I'm fine," she said of the cannons.

And, Bost added, she's not really concerned about her neighbor's complaints.

"Spiteful, jealous people is kind of low on my list of things to worry about," she said.

Rachel Bost said the cannons will not be turned off, despite her neighbors' protests.

"If somebody comes and shoots you, nobody is going to pay no attention, 'cause they're going to think its the cannons," one neighbor said.

Lafayette County Sheriff Buddy East said Bost is not breaking any laws or noise ordinances, but that he has spoken with the farmer multiple times about the neighbors complaints.

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