Harry Potter storms Mid-South theaters

Fans lined up for a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie in Memphis.
Fans lined up for a midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie in Memphis.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Pince" has only been in theaters for a few hours, and it's already breaking records.

Nationally, the film brought in $22.2 million in midnight screenings early Wednesday morning, shattering a record set previously by "The Dark Knight."

Whether you are a loyal follower of the series or just starting out, Memphians at the movie's first local showing said it has something for everyone.

"I liked it a lot," Brandon Parrish said. "It had a lot of comic relief, but at the same time it was dark as the books were."

"Dark" because in the new film, one of the main characters dies.

"It was as dark as the books were," Parrish said. "Very kind of grimacing - more of an adult film, more an adult story based around kids."

But for a few fans we talked to, the movie just didn't seem to live up to its hype.

"There was no fight at the end and that was very disappointing," Michael Pham said. "I thought there was going to be a major fight at the end. How do you storm a castle without fighting anyone?"

But while a few might were disappointed, most Memphians gave the movie a thumb's up, especially all the emotional twists and turns.

This Harry Potter film is also the longest at two hours and thirty-three minutes.  It is open today at most local first-run theaters.

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