Management says Plush Club not responsible for violence

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Owners of a Mid-South nightclub are hoping business will soon return to normal after a violent series of events several weeks ago.

Randolph Perkins, Operations Manager at the Plush Club, felt the need to talk after five people were shot in a public park across the street from the club over the July 4th weekend.

"The shooting didn't happen at the Plush Club or near the Plush Club," said Perkins said.

In fact, Perkins said, the club is a victim of circumstance and location, and anytime something bad happens at Fourth and Beale Street, the club is used as an identifying landmark.

Friday, managers at the club said they would stand by a promotional video on their website advertising intense security inside.  'Mac,' a promotions consultant and manager at the club, said club security is careful not to overstep its legal boundaries.

"We don't advise security to go out into the streets and try to stop nothing, or do anything in the streets," he said.

Meanwhile, Plush Club owners are also considering options beyond Beale Street, including a second club further east.

"If anything we do, we might expand to other areas of the city," Mac said.

As for the future of the Beale Street location, Mac said it is secure.

"We're not closing here," he said. "We're here. We'll be open tonight, tomorrow night, and maybe Sunday night. That's what it is."

On a good night, the Plush Club pulls in upwards of 800 people.  Managers say the crowds have been smaller since July 4th.

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