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Flag burned, racial slur left in church vandalism

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ARLINGTON, TN (WMC-TV) - Shelby County Sheriff's Department investigators are searching for the people responsible for vandalizing an Arlington church.

An American flag in front of Macedonia United Methodist Church was pulled down and torched. 

"I don't know if this was done out of vengeance," said Pastor Lee Bourland, who discovered the vandalisism when he arrived at his church Wednesday morning.

He says that when he pulled into the parking lot, he saw a man jump on a four-wheeler and drive away.

"We have no idea to know if that person was the individual that did this or not," he said.

But the vandalism that didn't stop there. Letters on one side of the church's sign were rearranged to read "you-n-i-smoke-blank."On the other side of the sign, a racial slur.

"It is disturbing anytime that you have words that are used that could be used in a racial overtone," said Bourland.

Shelby County Sheriff's Dept. Spokesperson Steve Shular says investigators don't believe the crime is racially motivated.

"We're considering it to be a case of vandalism. We have to remember there was nothing physically done to the church," he said.

Meanwhile, Bourland says the only thing he and his congregation can do now is pray for the suspects.

"We hope they will get help and hopefully find Christ in their lives," he said.

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