Rooftop bandit may be responsible for more robberies

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A robber cut a hole in the roof of a Cordova-area Kohl's and stole jewelry from inside the store. 
And Memphis police investigators are starting to see a pattern. 
There have been four similar burglaries this year. Each time, the robber skipped the front door and went straight to the top.

The security alarm sounded hours before the Kohl's on Germantown Parkway opened for business Sunday. But when police arrived, they didn't notice anything unusual.

"They could only check the exterior and it checked okay," said Lt. Mike Embrey of the Safe Streets Task Force. "They could not see inside the business where the suspect was actually at."

Police say the robber used a battery-powered cutting device. Once inside, he stole jewelry from 15 display cases.

Embrey says he believes the suspect is the same man who robbed a Trust One Bank on White Station Road back in March by cutting a hole in the roof. But in that incident, he waited inside for the bank to open.

Once employees arrived, he held them at gunpoint and demanded money.

The man may also be linked to the robbery of a credit union back in January and another bank in June. Police say the method of entry has been nearly identical in all four robberies.

Embrey says the robber has been leaving behind power tools.

Police hope crime scene evidence and help from the public will lead them to the serial ceiling bandit.

Investigators aren't sure exactly how the suspect is getting on and off the tops of buildings. 
Anyone who may have clues that could lead to an arrest should call Crime Stoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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