Jones sentencing continued until August 14

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The sentencing of a former Shelby County sheriff's deputy convicted of second degree murder was continued Friday after questions arose about his mental state.

Former deputy Chris Jones was convicted of killing Donald Munsey at the Windjammer in east Memphis during a trial earlier this year.  Jones was found competent to stand trial earlier this year, but recently has been placed on anti-psychotic medication, according to his attorney.

During his sentencing hearing, former Jones got an earful from Munsey's daughter, Myranda.

"He doesn't get to see me drive. Or get my braces off. Or graduate. Or go to college. He doesn't get to see my house. Or get to see my baby," she said.

Searching for leniency in sentencing Friday, Jones later addressed the court himself.

"I regret that this incident happened," he said. "I wish Donald Munsey was here today to be with his children, just like I wish I could be with my children."

Jones faces between 15 and 25 years in state prison on the second degree murder conviction, and the possibility of additional time on four other convictions.  Defense attorney Leslie Ballin argued several points in an attempt to keep those prison sentences from running consecutively.

According to Ballin, Jones is now taking an "anti-psychotic drug," and he's unsure of Jones' mind set as a result.  Ballin also argued against testimony from Jones' ex-wife, Jamie, in which she claimed to get a series of harassing phone calls from Jones.

Ballin said Jamie threatened Jones the night before her testimony in a jailhouse phone call regarding their daughter's car wreck.  The phone call was played in court.

"You need to produce that Jeep tonight or I'll be in court tomorrow testifying, making sure your ass doesn't never get out," Jamie said in the recorded call.

"I'm going to do what needs to be done, just charged in my duties that I owe Chris Jones as his attorney. I'm going to do what I need to do," Ballin said.

Saying he needed more time to consider certain arguments, Criminal Court Judge John Fowlkes Jr. delayed sentencing for another three weeks, much to the dismay of Munsey's family.

"It's really getting frustrating," said Munsey's girlfriend, Stacy Harris. "Just ready to get this over with so we can move on with our life and get some kind of closure."

While Chris Jones heard plenty in court, he's yet to hear his fate.  Sentencing is now scheduled for August 14.

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