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Tipton County deputies bust marijuana farm in field

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TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - Deputies with the Tipton County Sheriff's Department recently  busted a large marijuana growing operation, but they are still looking for the person who planted the drugs.

Thanks to a hunter's keen eye, the marijuana farm was found in a field in a very rural part of the county.

"They have land that's way out in the bottom area - way out in rural parts of the county - and people will go up and take it on themselves to try to grow their cash crop on someone else's land," Sheriff Pancho Chumley said.

Pictures of the marijuana plants were taken by deputies just before they were burned.  In all, forty plants were recovered, valued at 700 to 800 per pound. 

"It is a gateway drug that leads into bigger, worse drugs," Chumley said.

The marijuana farm was found about a mile off Wright Road in a soybean field.  Pictures taken at the scene show the area where the drugs were found.  A portion of the field had actually been cleared to let sunlight into the area. 

Deputies said it was such a rural area they couldn't even take their cars to the scene.  They had to walk and recover the drugs on foot.

Authorities still don't know who the drugs belong to, and the landowner didn't know anything about the marijuana. 

"We have a person of interest on a racing-type four-wheeler that's been going up and down the road here," Chumley said.

If you have any information about who the marijuana plants belong to, call Tipton County Crimestoppers at 901-476-4411.

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