J-Will Could Return to Grizzlies

Forget about Brett Favre and his unlimited comebacks..

J-Will wants to make a return with the Grizzlies..

And, apparently the feeling is mutual.

Fanhouse.com reports enigmatic Point Guard Jason Williams will be IN Memphis this weekend for a meeting AND a workout with the Grizz.

Williams, who's nickname is 'White Chocolate' is now 33 years old.

He's trying to Return to the NBA after what HE termed a Self-Imposed one year retirement..

The Clippers, who signed him a year ago before he retired, waived their rights to him last week.

He's expected to formally clear waivers Thursday, making him an unrestricted Free Agent, able to sign with any team.

Grizzlies General Manager Chris Wallace confirmed the Grizz have interest, and are waiting for waivers to clear.

A Flashy passer with a sometimes volatile temper, Williams started for the Grizzlies their first 4-years in Memphis, from 2001-to '05..

The last 2 were Playoff years.

After several blowups with then Coach Hubie Brown and a much publicized Lockerroom incident where he took a reporters pen, Williams and the team parted ways.

He Resurfaced in Miami where he helped the Heat win the NBA Title in 2006.

The Knicks are also showing interest in J-Will.