Newcomers Working Out for Tiger Hoops

The Memphis Tigers will have all kinds of newcomers on the basketball court this fall..

Most of the Tigers, both currrent and Former, gather 3-times a week at the Finch Center on campus for informal pickup games..

Among the newcomers pounding the hardwood, 6'9 Junior College Transfer Will Coleman...and former St. George's High School star Elliot Williams, who's transferring to Memphis from Duke University..

Current Tigers Guard Willie Kemp says he more than welcomes the addition of Williams to the U of M roster.

Kemp says he called Williams as soon as news came out he was coming to Memphis. He says Williams is showing he can blend in with the guys, and is always one of the first to the hit the court and among the last to leave.

Williams is hoping to get a Transfer waiver from the NCAA to allow him to play with his new teammates in the upcoming season.