Cordova neighborhood slammed by high winds

Residents were thankful no one was seriously injured.
Residents were thankful no one was seriously injured.

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CORDOVA, TN (WMC-TV) - Tornado damage during a strong storm Thursday night started with businesses in Cordova, but quickly spread to surrounding neighborhoods.

Jim Branda, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Memphis, said the EF-1 tornado was 250 yards wide, and cut a five-mile swath of damage just south of Interstate 40.

Friday, Tornado victims live Daria Caswell said they had a long road ahead after a long sleepless night.

"It was raining all night in our house - like in the house -  it was flooded. I mean it was bad," Caswell said.

One day after the tornado touched down in the highly populated subdivision, reality was sinking in for neighbors who barely recognized their homes.

"I lost a lot of beautiful trees and now my yard's all torn up," resident Milton Mott said.

Daria Caswell's home was under renovation, a project her father started but never got to finish.

"I mean our house isn't even done," she said. "My dad was a contractor, and that's why it's so upsetting to see it, because he did it all himself, and my dad passed away in October"

While the disaster recovery was underway for some residents, the disaster was just beginning for others.  One home owner we spoke with was out of town when the storm hit. Friday, she returned to Memphis to see her broken home for the first time>

It could be weeks, perhaps months, before life is back to normal many of the affected homeowners.

"I'm in better shape than some of my neighbors," Mott said.

Many residents said one positive note was that trees didn't knock down exposed power lines, because lines were buried underground in the subdivision. Homeowners said having electricity will make the clean-up a little easier to bear.

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