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Tunica casino stresses responsible gambling

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TUNICA, MS (WMC-TV) - The lure of the casino can be addictive to some people. With bright lights and noisy slot machines, the chance of win big money can sometimes be too tempting.  At Hollywood Casino, they want you to have fun, but they also want you to know your limits.

Monday, the casino held a special training session with employees called 'Know the Code.'  The Code is a list things employees need to know in order to make sure gamblers know their limits while enjoying themselves on the casino floor.

Casino General Manager John Osborne stressed the importance of knowing how to keep a watchful eye on gamblers.  

"To make sure that everybody coming into the casino is of legal age," Osborne said. "To make sure that people are having a good time but not going too far. If it stops being fun, that's when they should stop gambling."

For employees, knowing the code also means watching for gamblers who consume too much alcohol.

Barbara Pendergrass, a visitor to the casino Monday from Chattanooga, said she knows her limits, but likes Hollywood's idea.

"We had an amount to spend, and that's what were spending, and when were through with that we're going home," she said.

According to Osborne, there are approximately 1000 people in Mississippi that are currently on a list that prohibits them from entering a casino property because of past violations and not knowing when enough is enough.

This program serves as a gentle reminder.

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