Golf courses not making par for one Memphis student

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Memphis City Council members heard an impassioned plea Tuesday from a young girl. The 7th grade student told Council members the course is her only chance for a college scholarship.

If budget cuts force the course to cut back hours, the girl, T'Angela Knight, believes she may never realize her dream.

Knight begged City Council Members to return the Pine Hill Golf Course to its old hours, before budget cuts.

Knight said she believes practicing on the course will be the only way for her to get a college scholarship so she can become a lawyer or a professional golfer.

City Council Member Kemp Conrad said one way to solve Knight's problem may be to close one of the city's least used courses.

"Maybe if we could look at closing a course like (Riverside Golf Course) we could keep the other ones open all the time," Conrad said.

Conrad said the Riverside Golf Course costs the city $334,000 a year. On average there are only 9 rounds of golf played there each day. That means each round of golf played there, costs the city about 1-hundred bucks.

Conrad did a drive test and found six of the eight golf courses are within 10 minutes of each other. He said tough times call for tough choices.

"Whatever we do for that it's a tax raise, money out of reserves, or crime prevention, infant mortality prevention, MIFA. We have tough choices to make, Conrad explained.

Council Members didn't make any decisions about the golf courses Tuesday. The Parks Department is expected to come back with some more ideas about how to best accommodate the community at a later date.

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