Olive Branch man looks for help as flood waters wash away driveway

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OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC-TV) - Olive Branch resident Randy Rucker has been dealing with flooding issues since he moved into his Olive Branch home just over a year ago.

According to Rucker, every time there is a hard rain at an intersection near his home, the street floods, and his driveway pays the price.

"The drains, I've been told, are running the wrong way so it can't drain the water," he said. "When it floods at the intersection, the water backs up trying to go somewhere, and it happens to be my driveway."

Rucker says the city of Olive Branch has sent crews out at least five times to re-pack his gravel driveway, because when the rains come, the gravel gets washed away.

Contractors verified the drain problem, he said.

"He said that both of them are running the wrong way to handle the water," Rucker said. "The water runs north, and the drains run south."

For the city's part, Olive Branch Mayor Sam Rikard said they are aware of the problem and are working to find a solution.

"We are working with our engineering department to see if we can address his concerns as well as other flooding concerns in the area," Rikard said. "The safety of our citizens is our highest priority."

Rucker is also concerned the water is getting underneath his home and damaging the insulation.  He just wants a solution.

"You don't put a band aid on a gash," he said. "You gotta go get some stitches to get it healed up the right way."

Rucker said he appreciates the city repacking his driveway, but until something is done to temper the dangerous flooding, he fears someone might get hurt.

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