Small town Ark. mayor charged with drunk driving city-owned truck

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WIDENER, ARK. (WMC-TV) - Many residents of a tiny town in St. Francis County say they think the mayor should resign after being charged with his second DUI.

And this time, Widener Mayor Abron Pitts was driving a city-owned truck.

He appeared defiant before the city council, at first denying the allegations. And things became heated after the council demanded Pitts turned over the keys to the truck.
Many of the town's 335 residents say they've had enough.

"He felt that he's the mayor, so he felt that he can do whatever it is he wants to do," said resident Margaret Hardimon.

But despite their frustration, residents can't force him to resign. Pitts will be in office for the next year.

"It makes me angry because he's using the company's vehicle - which belongs to the city - to run around and do his drinking," said resident Bill Scott.

Action News 5 was not able to track down Pitts for comment Wednesday night.

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