Triple Crown Comes to Riverside Speedway Thursday

The United Sprint Car Series Triple Crown Challenge comes back to Riverside Speedway in West Memphis this week..

$10-Thousand Dollars is up for grabs in the second annual event at the Historic Track.

It goes to the Driver who can win all 3-classes in one night of racing..

They are the Winged Sprint Car....the Modifieds...and the Stock Car Divisions.

Bonuses are also posted for any driver who can win at least two of the three classes.

West Memphis' own Marshall Skinner is taking his shot at the Grand Prize..

He says each machine has it's own characteristics, starting with the 700 Horse power Sprint Cars..

Skinner says the Wings put natural downforce on the Sprint Cars in the Turns so they're relatively easy to steer.

"The Modifieds, well, you have to stay on the gas all the time or they won't turn... And the Stock Cars are like joy riding on a back country road with your friends."

Time Trials start at 6pm

The Green Flag drops 7:30pm at Riverside Speedway in West Memphis.