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Trashy problem bugs neighbors

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Neighbors want the City of Memphis to clean up a huge pile of trash, saying it's not just an eyesore, it's attracting roaches.

The problem centers around a house on Glory Circle, where Monday, neighbor Ramone Mitchell mowed his yard in the shadow of a massive mound of garbage.

"You just get tired of looking at it from sun-up to sun-down," he said.

Five weeks ago, the tenants of the small house moved out, and didn't take all their belongings.  Neighbors said the rental company moved all of it to the curb, where it has been since.  Besides being an eyesore, neighbors say the trash pile is costing them both sleep and money.

Charlene Jackson, who lives next door, said her problem scurries over, from a garbage can to trash left in the backyard

"I'm so terrified of roaches now," she said. "I believe I see them in my sleep."

Jackson says they nest under her lawn mower.  She's put traps all over her back yard, and another on her front porch.  She estimates she's spent more than $400 on roach control over the past five weeks.

"I didn't even have this problem before they put the trash out there, so I think it's unfair," she said.

Jackson said she's called the city's waste management department, code enforcement, the mayor's hotline, and the rental company.

While Action News 5 was interviewing her, the Health Department showed up to inspect the back yard.  Yet, there's still no relief for her.

"We just want it cleaned up as soon as possible," she said. "That's all we're asking for. Nothing more."

Neighbors said the city told them the trash collection bill at the house hasn't been paid in months.

The rental company did not return our calls for this story.

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