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Flooding frustration in Collierville

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COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC-TV) - A big debate is brewing in the community of Collierville, where are frustrated about recent floods they claim are the town's fault.

While no tornado touched down in Collierville during severe weather last month, at least 100 homes are damaged from flood waters that swept through the area. Many say the damage is proof the city's drainage system needs to be revamped.

After the storm on July 30, streets looked more like rivers.

"We were underwater," Collierville resident Sheryl Senne said. "It was like the pond moved in the backyard."

Photos viewers sent to Action News 5...show the drains in Collierville could clearly not keep up after the dousing Collierville took during the tornadic July storm.

Senne who lives on Meadow Vale, and other water logged Collierville residents took their concerns to town leaders Monday night.

"My house flooded, the entire perimeter of my house was under water," Sarah Heinz told the town's aldermen. "We do have flood insurance, but it's not good."

Town Spokesperson Mark Heuberger says Collierville received three inches of rain in one hour during the storm.

Even though he says a similar storm will likely not happen for many years, he says the town is working on a solution.

"We're not going to sit back because supposedly this is a once in 50 year storm," Heuberger said. "We're not going to sit back and wait 50 years to make improvements."

Senne says after going through three floods in eight years, she hopes next time will be different.

"It's just been a mess one year after the other and we're putting up with it," Senne said.

Senne says this time around the flood is far from being water under the bridge.

Collierville's spokesperson says the town is hiring experts to figure out how Collierville can improve it's drainage system. But he says building new ditches and drains will likely take some time.

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