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DeSoto County Schools prepare for flu

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OLIVE BRANCH, MS (WMC-TV) - Children and germs often go hand in hand, and with the onset of the H1N1/Swine Flu virus, school officials in DeSoto County have been paying a bit more attention to the health habits of our children.

"With the research they've gotten so far, its affecting five-year olds to 49-year olds in a way that most flu's haven't, and that why people get scared about it," said Sylvia Earwood, the school nurse at Pleasant Hill Elementary.

Earwood recently attended a mandatory back to school health training session about the Swine Flu.  There, nurses were told CDC guidelines do not call for anything out of the ordinary in terms of treatment for the flu - just good, basic habits. 

"Just keeping everything you touch clean," Earwood said. "Keep your fingers out of your face, which is kind of hard to do in schools with younger kids, but we work on it."

Officials also emphasized how to wash hands properly, while making sure all classrooms are equipped with antibacterial hand sanitizer and wipes.

Ashleigh Parker is a parent, and someone who believes that proper habits come from good home training.

"Even if they're not with you at church, school or anywhere, they should always keep their hands washed before they eat, or after they go to the restroom, been outside playing, or anything like that," Parker said.

Earwood said good habits will help keep kids in the classroom, and not in the sick bed, adding that sick children should be kept home until they are better.

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