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Suspect arrested for purchasing stolen lawnmower

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BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - Investigators have arrested a man in connection to the recent thefts of lawnmowers from a Bartlett business.

Sources say the man in custody is a Memphis firefighter, and that he'll be charged soon.  Investigators say he was buying stolen property, and they're still searching for the thieves.

Wednesday, in the Bartlett Police Department parking lot, not far from the patrol cars, sat two trailers full of recovered stolen property.  One was loaded down with push mowers, while the other held three huge commercial riding lawn mowers - the same lawn mowers stolen during two Monday night burglaries at Bartlett Small Engines.

The entire heist was caught on surveillance cameras.  Tuesday night, Bartlett Police got a tip sending them to a house on Lucibill Road in South Memphis.  When police arrived, they caught one man who had just bought a stolen lawn mower. But the man selling the gear took off in a pick-up truck.  Police said he was driving too fast to even chase, much less catch.

Most of the loot remains with Bartlett Police, but investigators say they have yet to recover four commercial mowers, and believe the suspects must have sold them quickly.

The suspects, as many as eight, who are wanted for selling the stolen mowers, were caught on video, but are still on the loose.

Investigators say the lawn mowers were being sold for pennies on the dollar, and without keys.

If you have information that could aid police, call Bartlett CrimeStoppers at 901-382-MONY.

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