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Old photo could provide missing link for Memphis family

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV)- An East Memphis woman is hoping an old family photo will be the missing link in finding out more about her grandmother's childhood years. 

It's been 37 years since Beverly Scott's grandmother, Agnes Morgan, died. Since then, Scott has been trying to find out more about her grandmother's childhood.

"The only thing we know is that she was in an orphanage in Memphis and that's what began my search," Scott said.

It was a search that lead her to a 100 year old photograph purchased at a Carroll County yard sale. 

"The little girl looks so much like my grandmother and just seeing her stand there in the same posture my grandmother used from all my memories of her," Scott said.

Since Morgan was orphaned in Memphis at an early age, Scott assumes the people in the picture are her biological parents. 

She remembers her grandmother talking about a childhood dog, similar to the one in the old photo. 

"We have no idea where the photo came from," Scott said. "The only clue is that the photographer's name is etched in the side - it's Neal."

And even though she has little to go on, Scott hopes this 100 year old mystery will soon be laid to rest.  

"We know for certain her father died here in Memphis but we do not know his name," Scott said. "Grandmother thought it was John or George."

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