Political drama continues in Gallaway

By Anna Marie Hartman - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

GALLAWAY, TN (WMC-TV) - A community's clash over who should run their city was caught on tape at a recent meeting of Gallaway's board commissioners.

At the meeting, residents almost came to blows over whether City Manager Don James should be fired.

Mayor Nick Barrett said it would be illegal to hold a vote to fire James, but audience members disagreed.

"This is not a court of law okay? You can't tell what's illegal or not illegal," an audience member said. "This is not a court and you're not a judge."

Citizens went from fighting with their mayor, to fighting with each other. In the end, James lost his part time job that pays $300 a month.

"I don't understand that how can people hate so much. That's what bothers me," James said.

"They thought they were dealing with a bunch of country bumpkins and they would just lead us down the garden path and push us over the edge," resident Leslie Holte said. "Well, we aren't that dumb."

A new city manager was sworn in immediately, who and promptly fired the chief of police and two city clerks.

It's a clash over leadership that has divided this town of roughly 1,000 people - a small town drama that's far from over, as fired City Manager Don James is seeking legal advice.

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