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Ask Andy: BankTennessee "phishing" text

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This scam doesn't discriminate between BankTennessee customers and other bank customers.

Whoever's pulling it off is texting everyone and anyone, most likely using an auto-dialer with random sequences of cell phone numbers.

The text is unsolicited.  It claims to be from BankTennessee.  It says your ATM card has been deactivated, canceled or expired.  It prompts you to either call a phone number or punch a key sequence to resolve the problem.

Do either of those, and you will either receive an automated response or a link to a web site.  You will be prompted to provide personal information, which may include your bank account number, card number and Social Security number.

"BankTennessee will never ask you by email, text message or phone for any personal information," says BankTennessee's security statement on its web site.

That's why we call these "phishing" scams.  They are "fishing" for your personal information.

Truth be told, no bank will ever send you an unsolicited text, e-mail or phone call asking for your personal information.  It's just not done.  Ever.

So if you receive the text message, don't be alarmed.  Don't be confused.

Ignore it, delete it and forget about it.

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