Victim of house explosion recovering, husband says

Bill and Vicki Browders' Midtown home was leveled in the explosion.
Bill and Vicki Browders' Midtown home was leveled in the explosion.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - A woman injured when her Midtown home exploded earlier this week is recovering, and her husband says she is making a lot of progress.

Friday at The MED, fresh from visiting wife Vicki in the burn unit, Bill Browder couldn't contain his excitement.

"She was awake and alert," he said. "We didn't expect any of that to happen until probably Monday."

Wednesday afternoon, Browder's home on Harbert Avenue exploded - literally - with Vicki inside.  Bill says she's burned, but should survive.

"When I left she was waving bye, and she...was blowing me kisses," he said.

The Browders' home was leveled, along with most of the things they owned inside.  Friday, friends pick through the rubble trying to salvage whatever they could.  They admitted it wouldn't be much.

Browder said he has not asked anyone for help, but that hasn't stopped people from making generous offers. His family, he said, is getting by on the kindness of others.

"It's very humbling," he said.

Stripped of everything else, Browder said he was full of gratitude, fully aware that things could have ended much worse.

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