Mid-South Orthopedics now offers Custom Fit Knee® replacement

OtisKnee® is a new technique that for the very first time allows surgeons to offer Custom Fit Knee® replacement. This means that you will receive a knee replacement tailor-made for your own normal (non-diseased) anatomy, and no one else's.

Total knee replacement is a very common procedure, with more than 500,000 of these surgeries done each year in the U.S. While incremental improvements have been made over the past several decades - from implants and materials to nursing care and rehabilitation techniques - nothing significant is different about how the surgeon fits the implant in the patient.

This has changed with the new Custom Fit Knee® replacement with OtisKnee®, only available in the Memphis area from Dr. Lawrence Schrader at Mid-South Orthopedics.

Why a Custom Fit?  Just as all finger prints are unique, so are knees.

A recent study has shown that out of 180 normal (non-diseased) knees, 98% were knock kneed or bow legged by a few degrees.* Add to that other distinguishing factors such as age, weight, lifestyle, gender and ethnicity, and it's no wonder that everyone's knees are different.

Nowhere is this more important to consider than in total knee replacement. Just a few degrees of variation in the size and placement of your implant can have a significant impact on the immediate and long-term success of your surgery.

While some implant manufacturers have begun designing products that account for general differences between men and women, the implants themselves don't address that very patient-specific nature of knee anatomy. You are more than your gender, and the Custom Fit Knee® replacement with OtisKnee® takes all of your unique differences into account.

How long does the OtisKnee® process take?

The whole process takes only a few weeks. The MRI of your knee is performed 2 to 3 weeks prior to your surgery with Dr. Schrader. Once the computerized pre-operative planning is complete, custom cutting guides are manufactured and shipped to our office within 2 to 3 days.

Is total knee replacement with OtisKnee® covered by insurance?

Custom Fit Knee® replacement is covered just like any other total knee replacement procedure. Accepted insurance plans will vary by physician and healthcare organization. Check with our office to find out how your insurance plan covers this procedure.