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Commissioners vote against pay increase

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Shelby County Commissioners backed off a move Wednesday that would have increased their salaries by $10,000.  The decision came during a committee meeting where commissioners discussed a wide range of budgetary issues.

"It's a service position that we have agreed to offer our time to the community," Commissioner J.W. Gibson said. "This is not a time for us to be considering an increase for commissioners' salaries."

Gibson was among several commissioners against any discussion on a salary increase. 

With that off the table, a Shelby County Commission committee held an hour-long debate over how to set the salary for the next County Commission, from 2010 to 2014.

Committee members voted to eliminate the distinction between salary and expenses, which cuts out the reimbursement process.

"It doesn't make any difference that it comes from two pools of money, because the pools of money are combined in our paycheck," Commissioner Steve Mulroy said. "They're combined for taxing purposes. They're combined for pension purposes."

Commissioners then eliminated the requirement they have to attend half of all meetings to collect pay. 

Commissioner Matt Kuhn proposed any cost of living adjustment a county employee receives should also be given to commissioners.

"I think this is a way to show and certainly tell county employees that we're with them," Kuhn said.

That motion failed.

Commissioners approved a vote to keep the mayor's salary at $150,000 annually, but if employees' salaries increase, so will the salaries of the mayor and sheriff.

Decisions made by the committee must be approved by the full Commission at its next meeting before they are finalized.

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