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Police use helicopter to keep kids safe in school zones

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TIPTON COUNTY, TN (WMC-TV) - It's back to school and back to safety for school students in the Mid-South, and state troopers and local police are joining forces to crack down on school zone safety in an innovative way. 

If you're thinking about breaking the law in a school zone in Tennessee, you'd better think twice. 

"I see folks speeding, bus driver speeding, they just need to slow down because our children is our future and we want them coming to school safe and sound," parent Teresa Frazier said.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol, along with local law enforcement, is using a birds-eye method to crack down on school zone violators. 

"One of our local guys that knows the roads and school zones will go up in a helicopter as we did this morning and will radio down to guys on the road," said Sgt. Ken Sutton of the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Police say this law enforcement effort is working. 

Since 2003, there's been an 11.5 percent decrease in accidents in school zones, and a 17.4 percent decline in school bus related crashes.

From speeding to seat belt violations to texting while driving, cops are looking for it all.

"No body pays attention above, hopefully, they don't - we need their eyes on the road so the helicopter is a tool they use and motorists won't see," said Lt. Shannon Beasley of the Tipton County Sheriff's Department.

"We would like parents, once they enter campus, to turn phones off, not talk on the phone while they are letting their children out of the car," added school principal Jan Sanford.

From the ground to the air, cops near you say they're committed to keeping your kids safe.

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