Memphis stripper claims she was framed in undercover sting

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Exotic dancer Ellen Lensing says she's not a prostitute, and claims she was framed by Memphis police.

The 20-year-old was arrested late Wednesday night during an undercover sting at Babes of Babylon on Brooks Road.

Police say she agreed to have sex for $50, but Lensing says she offered four VIP dances for $100.

"I want to hear my voice say anything about money for sex, 'cause I don't do that in the club, outside the club...none of that," said Lensing. "I just had a baby two months ago and haven't started back doing anything sexually yet."

She says she believes politicians are on a crusade to clean up strip clubs and that police will do their bidding - even if it means framing anyone who gets in their way.

"I know I'm just a dancer - on the bottom of the list. And they're the police, and think they can do whatever they want to 'cause they're the police," she said.

Lensing, who says her stage name is Julie, makes up to $2000 a night stripping. She says she uses the money to care for her child and pay her trade school tuition.

"It's unfair, and I feel everybody should have a chance to say how they feel about the situation," she said.

Lensing says she's done a lot of things in her life as an exotic dancer. Her criminal record lists two prior arrests for speeding and misdemeanor theft. But prostitution, she says, is something she would never do.

"I've been dancing for nearly three years and never had any problems," she said.

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