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Ask Andy: Robocall ban

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MEMPHIS (WMC-TV) - They don't even use live people.

I'm talking about telemarketers.  Now they just use auto-dialers to "robocall" you with endless, annoying, pre-recorded messages that hound your phone or fill up your voice mail.

Not anymore.

Starting Sept. 1, telemarketing "robocalls" are illegal.  The federal government has banned the use of the pre-recorded, unsolicited calls unless a consumer has provided written permission to the telemarketer.

But like any regulation, there's a flip-side.  A bad flip-side.

The federal ban exempts banks, phone companies, schools (so they can still contact parents with closings, health alerts, etc.), airlines/travel sites (so they can still send robocalls alerting you about flight cancellations, etc.) and ...wait for it...POLITICIANS.

That means you will continue to get those stupid, pre-recorded messages from federal, state and local political parties and candidates, asking you to vote for them. Getting one of those robocalls is a reason not to vote for them!

If you receive a robocall from an entity that is not exempt from the ban, you should report the call to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-888-382-1222 or  If you are not already registered on the National Do Not Call list, you will likely have to register.

For the commission's complete details on the robocall ban, click here:

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