'Foxy Jacky' at it again with new series of photos

Jacqueline McKee
Jacqueline McKee

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BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - A woman known for posing nude for pictures and videos in Mid-South public parks is at it again - in a new location.

In a series of provocative photos recently posted to her website, Jacqueline McKee, or 'Sexy Jacky," appears semi-nude on playground equipment in Freeman-Smith Park.  In one photo, Freeman appears fully clothed in front of the park's sign.

In August of 2008, McKee posted similar photos from Bartlett Grove Park.  Bartlett Police investigated the case, even interviewing McKee, but charges were never filed.

On her website this time, McKee acknowledges, "They told me not to go to that same park as last year so I just had to go to a different one."

Freeman-Smith Park is inside the Bartlett annexation reserve area, but Bartlett Police say it's outside their jurisdiction, and that the Shelby County Sheriff's Department patrols this park.

Though McKee could be charged with indecent exposure because of the pictures, investigators say there haven't been any witnesses or any complaints. Without either, they cannot open an investigation or make an arrest, because indecent exposure is a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Tuesday, a Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson said deputies will be made aware of the situation and warned to be on the lookout.

But in an August, 2008 interview, McKee said the added attention fuels the fire.

"I'm very defiant by nature," she said.

The sheriff's department says investigators will discuss the situation with the district attorney's office to determine if there's any legal recourse.

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