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At least two houses burn in large Mud Island blaze

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Smoke from a fire in the 1000 block of Island Place on Mud Island could be seen for miles early Tuesday evening.

At least two homes were damaged in the blaze, which broke out around 7:00pm, while other houses in the area were affected by thick smoke.

Residents watched in disbelief as firefighters poured water on flames on the houses.

Jennifer Kirkpatrick said she thought someone was barbecuing at first, but she then saw the blaze  before firefighters arrived.

"I was here when the first house caught fire, then it jumped and caught a white picket fence on fire," she said. "It just went up the side of the house. It was bad."

Panicked neighbors used garden hoses on their roofs hoping to keep the flames from burning their homes.  Thick smoke made it difficult to see and breathe.

"I smelled smoke, and then I heard people running around and then I saw these flames shooting up as far as you can see," homeowner Avis Roby said.

Roby's neighbor, a retired school teacher, was not at home when her house started burning.  It then caught her next door neighbor's house on fire.  She arrived home to see her home in flames.  The man in the house next door was asleep when the fire broke out.  He stood and watched as his home burned.

Fire investigators said no one was injured.

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