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Resident ready to rebuild after Mud Island fire

An image of the raging fire submitted to My 5 by an Action News 5 viewer. An image of the raging fire submitted to My 5 by an Action News 5 viewer.

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - 71-year-old Janelle Pringle has several calls to make to sort out her life, after a towering inferno barreled through her Mud Island home Tuesday night.         

"I am at peace and I am at peace because I have been taught and grounded in the word of God," Pringle declared Wednesday.

You'd think a woman who just lost her home couldn't smile, but maybe you would too if your beauty regimen placed you in another part of town as a fire tore through your home.

"I was at the beauty shop," Pringle laughed.

Pringle then ran an errand when she got the call.  She couldn't get home fast enough.

"It was the slowest trip I ever made home," she recalled.

She saw orange, red, smelled the smoke, heard the crackling, but could not see what the fire was doing to her home through the dark.

"So I really couldn't picture in my mind what had happened," she explained.

By daylight Wednesday, she saw water-soaked, charred and unrecognizable shapes that now fill the space she once called home.  That was before her next door neighbor had an air conditioner fire in a zero lot line home just six feet away.

"Yes.  The houses are close together," said as she gazed next door.

The homes were too close for Pringle's house to be spared.

"It doesn't really matter about anything being saved, but it was the family pictures," said Pringle.

Pringle will stay with family and says her church is praying she won't have trouble getting her insurance company to come through.

Meanwhile, her neighbors are starting a fundraiser for Pringle and her neighbor.  Though Pringle owns not one personal belonging, she said she still has faith.  And then she chuckled.

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