Read about our company's long history of service to the Mid-South

The business now known as Accent Jewelers, Inc., has been in business at White Station Tower for over 30 years. It was opened originally as Barcus & Barrios, Inc., by Jack Barcus and Gus Barrios. Barcus & Barrios were expert craftsmen who provided manufacturing and repair services for jewelry stores throughout the South.

In 1993, Accent Jewelers, Inc., purchased Barcus & Barrios.

Accent Jewelers, which has been open since 1989, also provided manufacturing and repair services to jewelry stores in the area.

In 1997, we moved to our current location and expanded the business to include the purchase and sales of fine jewelry including new, antique, and estate jewelry. we also buy and sell sterling silver flatware and hollow ware.

Although there have been some changes, we continue to provide the services that have kept many customers coming back for over 30 years.

We remain committed to providing high quality craftsmanship, excellent value and above all, a level of personal service that is increasingly hard to find.