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Student's father upset about interrogation over fight club

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Collierville, TN (WMC-TV) - Rumors have been flying about an alleged fight club at Collierville High School. A student and his parents are upset at how detectives received their information and what they claim is an overblown police investigation.

Despite the rumors and the You Tube Videos, student Taylor Rowland says there is no organized fight club at Collierville High.

"They think we were just going in the basement and just beating the crap out of each other," he said. "That's not the case. "here's no fight club."

Taylor admits he witnessed a recent brawl at Nikki McCrae Park.

"I was there and I saw it but I didn't participate in anything," he said.

On Tuesday, while in class, Collierville police paid him a visit.

"I got pulled out," he said. "I had a test next period. I was trying to study and they pulled me out. I was in there for like 30-35 minutes."

Police issued Rowland a summons accusing him of illegal prize fighting, sparring and other brutal sports. He is among 40 students from Collierville High facing charges.

Dennis Rowland says his son had no business being a spectator, but takes offense to a police interrogation at school.

"My main concern was the way it was handled. The police were allowed to come in and talk to these boys without notifying the parents," he said.

Dennis says school officials were within their right to allow police to interview his son. But he says his son has rights too.

And while it won't involve any punches, he hopes to fight the policy that allowed his son to be questioned without a legal guardian or a lawyer.

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