Accent Jewelers: We sell jewelry for less

How do we do it?

At Accent Jewelers, you always get more for your money... By shopping many sources, we keep our cost of merchandise lower so we can pass those savings on to you. We don't have expensive overhead that would add to the price you pay. Our pricing philosophy is simple; To give our customers a better price and better value than any other store. In fact, with very few exceptions, we guarantee that jewelry purchased from Accent Jewelers will appraise for double the price paid or your money will be refunded. Many of our customers have received independent appraisals for three or four times the price they paid.

Retail Jewelry Markup Facts

At many jewelry stores, the regular price has a 300% to 500% markup from wholesale.  Even sale merchandise is marked up 150% to 250%.  But at Accent Jewelers, we're always 50% to 70% lower than most stores.

When you buy jewelry, here's what you pay for:

  • Cost of Merchandise: Roughly the same for all stores on comparable items when purchased through traditional sources.
  • Store Overhead: Rent, number of employees, advertising, etc. Stores that spend more on these things have to charge you more to pay their higher expenses.
  • Store Profit: Many stores sell at prices that are three times their cost while some stores actually sell at five times their cost.