Iverson Works Out in Atlanta/Grizzlies in Waiting

Wallace says bringing in these players IN NO WAY affects the teams' interest in NBA Super Star Allen Iverson.

The Grizz have an offer on the Table for the 10-time All-Star...but would reportedly pull the incentive laden deal if no decision is reached in the next couple of weeks.

The Offer is reportedly 1-year at $3.5 Million.. Down from the original $5-Million Dollar offer earlier this summer..

Performance incentives could more than make up the difference..but, the Grizz maintain Iverson accept a role coming off the bench..

Iverson Told NBA-TV Tuesday he's ready to deal with it.

Iverson says the whole Bench thing came up after Detroit sat him last season.

He says he'd never come of the bench in his 13-year NBA career.. It was something new for him. Now, Iverson says he's ready to play as a Leader in whatever role required, be it on a contender, or a team that's up and coming. But, Iverson made it clear he wants to get a ring, a championship ring. That, he says, is the only thing that's missing from his career.

Even with Iverson the Grizzlies might be a ways away from winning a title, but so are the 2 other teams showing strong interest in Iverson....Charlotte and Miami.

Iverson is the second leading active scorer in the NBA with well over 23,000 points.