Buying and selling your jewelry

A wide variety of clients trust Accent Jewelers when selling estate or antique jewelry or silver including attorneys, banks, estates, and many individuals. They receive immediate premium prices and discreet, confidential service.

We pay more for your jewelry and silver than most stores.  For the past several years we have developed a large network of customers across the country who are looking for the items we purchase. A specific piece of jewelry or silver will command a higher price in a market where the demand is greater for that type of item. Knowing which is the best market for specific merchandise enables us to pay you more than anyone else for your jewelry or silver. Every piece of jewelry or silver is carefully evaluated. Diamonds and other stones are measured and graded. Other factors include: quality of workmanship, product brand, design or pattern. We then make a purchase offer based on the current market resale value. Once an offer is accepted, payment is immediate by cash or check.

We also buy any type of gold, platinum or silver that may be broken or damaged.