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CT Scanning

The Mid-South Facial Imaging Center is associated with the Dental Implant Aesthetic Center and is located with the same building. The Imaging Center utilizes the Hitachi CB MercuRay CT scanner with its cone beam technology to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment planning with a reduction in cost, time, and radiation to the patient.

The Mid-South Facial Imaging Center offers the ability to slice images of 1 mm thickness and a 3D reconstruction of facial anatomy. The images can be placed on a lite viewer CD for referring doctors and consultations. This viewer allows for offsite viewing of critical information concerning diagnosis and treatment planning. The 3D imaging give detail 3 dimensional views of the facial anatomy and can be manufactured into a 3D model for grafting and surgical procedures.

  • Seated Scan
  • 10 second scan time
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Higher resolution and accuracy than other CT scanners and traditional X-Rays
  • Advanced diagnostic software
  • Surgical planning software
  • TMJ diagnostic scans

Digital Radiographic procedures

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