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Police Director sends angry letter to Wanda Halbert

City Council member Wanda Halbert City Council member Wanda Halbert
Police Director Larry Godwin Police Director Larry Godwin

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV)  Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin says Memphis City Council member Wanda Halbert has continued to use her elected position to attack the men and women of the Memphis Police Department.
Godwin sent Halbert a scathing letter Tuesday in response to an email Halbert sent him earlier in the day addressing police misconduct.

In the letter, Godwin tells Halbert, "Your goal to tarnish my name and this department’s name is obvious and it appears that you will stop at nothing to achieve it."

Several months ago, Godwin launched an Internal Affairs investigation into a traffic stop involving Halbert's son, Kevin Burrus.  While Burrus was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession and disorderly conduct, the incident gained attention because an officer gave Halbert a courtesy call.

However, an investigation found Halbert did not try to influence the officer.  Halbert said a rookie officer told her son, "I don't give a F about your black A or your momma."

But Godwin says all the facts must be presented.  According to an MPD statement, "She (Halbert) acted as a concerned parent and did not interfere or attempt to influence the officers."

However, Godwin says Burrus refused to give statements or cooperate with the investigation.

In her email, Halbert expressed her concern over how the investigation did not reveal the physical and verbal abuse her son received.  She said a rookie officer told her son he didn't care that Halbert was on the City Council.

In his letter to Halbert, Godwin said, "The disciplinary actions taken had absolutely nothing to do with you, your position, or your presence on the scene that morning."

But Halbert says she's not buying it, and she's asked authorities to look into another incident where MPD officers entered her son's apartment without a search warrant or subpoena, allegedly looking for a criminal. 

Godwin says the incident was investigated, but Halbert claims it was not investigated out of retaliation.

In an e-mailed statement Wednesday afternoon, Halbert said Godwin's letter, "was way off base from my initial inquiry and appeared to just be angry and unwarranted."

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