Minglewood Hall prepares for big Steve Harvey show

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Forget your money, because all you need is time to enjoy comedian Steve Harvey's morning radio show during a live event Friday morning in Memphis.

But, you might want to get in line soon, because only the first 1,000 people will get in.

Thursday afternoon, Memphian Karen Moore was pumped up in anticipation of Harvey's show.

"I love Steve Harvey," she said. "I've been watching him ever since he was on Apollo."

Moore and a friend plan to camp out in the parking lot of Minglewood Hall for approximately 10 hours in hopes of getting an up close and personal glimpse of one of the most popular early morning radio show hosts in the country.

"We're probably going to be hanging out in the truck with our snacks, talk on the phone, just try to keep each other company for those hours," she said.

Minglewood Hall's Leia Walsh said workers at the facility have been preparing for Harvey's arrival all week.  It's a free event, and only the first 1,000 people will be let in.

"We're not sure when the line will form, but around 3:15am we'll go ahead and start wrist banding people who are in line so they can go ahead and secure their entry," Walsh said.

The doors will open at 3:45 Friday morning.  Officials have already beefed up security in anticipation of the big crowd.

And what about parking?

"We should have enough with all the street parking and the parking lots," Walsh said.

But for Moore, that will be the least of her worries.  She plans to be the first in line for her chance at an exciting opportunity.

"It's worth it because it's like once in a lifetime - a once in a lifetime thing," she said.

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