Robbers ransack Memphis home

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Memphis, TN (WMC-TV)- Joyce and Adell Totten were frightened and furious after thieves tore up their house from top to bottom - thieves who made themselves at home while robbing a home.

When Adell Totten got home from work Thursday his house was in shambles. Thieves used his hammer to smash the back door glass....get inside and steal electronics, DVD's jewelry and other precious collectibles.

"I had about 7-8 thousand dollars worth of antique coins and some silver, it's all gone," Adell said.

Totten called police then his wife Joyce. "You try to forgive, you try to forgive but God if I had come home and they were here, I'd have to ask God to forgive me," Joyce said.

With the house all to themselves the thieves drank a coke and left it empty in the sink. They even cleaned out the freezer and the fridge.

"You know they took every piece of meat and everything in that deep freezer out," Adell said.

Totten suspects the robbers carried the stolen goods out his back door and over a 6 foot chain link fence where a parked car was waiting.

He blames the overgrown weeds in the vacant lot next to his home that made it so easy for the thieves to hide while they hauled his belongings out from his backyard.

"It's bad enough to take my goods and my belongings but you go in and take my food too, that's kind of rough. Heh heh, that's kind rough, it don't feel good at all," he says.

The Totten's hope their neighbors will be on the lookout for the crooks that invaded their privacy and their pantry.

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