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Helping People With pain Regain Control Of Their Lives

Most medical specialists have expertise treating particular diseases organ systems. Pain specialists are different. They are experts in understanding and managing a complex and variable symptom-pain-as a condition in its own right whatever its cause. Some pain clinics focus primarily one mode of pain treatment, such injections of steroids, which reduce inflammation. Others focus on treatment with narcotic pain medications that in high doses may lead to complications. The Parker Pain & Rehab Center offers treatment for vaiety of pain conditions using combination of approaches.

Pain Management Leads to Improved Quality of Life

Simply stated, if pain keeps you from being who you want to be, or doing what you want to do, treatment of the pain becomes the first priority. Aggressively managing the symptoms by utilizing strategies tailored to each individual's needs gives the best chance for recovery to restore physical and emotional function. Who Needs Pain Management Severe musculoskeletal pain (emphasis on low back and neck pain). Anyone unable to work or perform routine activities because of pain. Anyone requiring narcotic pain medication more than 4 weeks.

Experience Leads to Effectiveness

Dr. Parker is a Board Certified, Fellowship trained pain management physician with over ten years experience in evaluating and successfully treating patients suffering from a variety of acute and chronically painful conditions. From pain of herniated or degenerative spinal disks to pain from arthritis or other musculoskeletal causes, Dr. Parker has the experience and training to apply state of the art techniques for treatment, as well as the knowledge to know when more conservative approaches would be best.

Compassion Leads to Satisfaction

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing compassionate care by not simply treating the pain but also being sensitve to the needs of the patient.  


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