Bartlett mother of four tied up, brutally beaten by husband

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BARTLETT, TN (WMC-TV) - Bartlett residents are praying for four young children who watched as their mother was nearly beaten to death by their father.

Kieuoanh Dang, the sister of 27-year-old victim Truc Mai Navarro, said the four young boys are haunted by the memory of their mother's brutal beating, which happened less than two weeks ago inside the family home on Fairway Heights Cove.

"They say, 'I see my father tie up my mom and use a gun to beat her,' " she said. "There is a time that they say, 'Is my mom going to die? I see what my papa did to my mom.' "

The oldest boys are six-year-old twins. The other two boys are ages five and nearly three.

"Within a night, the kids lost two of their parents," said Dang.

When police arrived at the Bartlett home, they found the four boys alone with their unconscious mother, who was laying on the bedroom floor, beaten beyond recognition.

Police arrested their father, Marcelino Navarro-Caldern, just a short distance from the house. He was covered in blood and carrying a shotgun.

While her husband is now behind bars, Truc Mai Navarro remains unconscious inside a hospital trauma unit.

"I visit her everyday at the hospital. So far, she is breathing on her own. I praise God for that," said Dang.

She says her sister's appearance has improved compared to when Dang was asked to identify her at the hospital.

"Only thing I could recognize as my sister...I know her feet. That's the only thing I know for 100 percent -  that's my sister laying there," she said.

On Sunday night, neighbors came together to pray for the family, something Dang says she appreciates. "A lot of people may say they don't believe in God, but there is a God in this situation, or else none of us could get through this."

A Navarro Family fund has been set up for Truc Mai and her four sons. Donations can be made at any First Tennessee Bank branch.

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