Lowery not selected for upcoming mayoral debate

Myron Lowery
Myron Lowery

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MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - The top three Memphis Mayoral Candidates will debate this week, but the man currently holding office is not one of them.
Beth Flanagan is President of the Coalition for a Better Memphis, the group which is hosting the next mayoral forum.
"Our focus is to really look at a candidate's qualifications for office," Flanagan said. "Really, what is their vision for the community?"
In advance of the debate, the Coalition sent all 25 Mayoral candidates a questionnaire in advance.
"It's a diverse group from the coalition that sets those questions up, that agrees that those are the appropriate things to ask each candidate," Flanagan said.
In order to be considered for an invitation to the debate, a candidate had to return his or her answers by September 11th. From those answers, the Coalition for a Better Memphis ranked the top three candidates and invited them to participate in the forum.
The invited candidates were Charles Carpenter, Carol Chumney, and A C Wharton.
Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery was not invited. In fact, Flanagan said Lowery wasn't even considered because he did not turn in required paperwork, though she says she understands why.
"The amount of work they have to do to respond to the groups, and there are a lot of groups that ask for information, for responses," she said. "So in fairness to the candidates, this has been hard."
Lowery's campaign declined an interview request for this story, but offered an apology.  A campaign official said Lowery just missed the deadline.

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